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Straight To The Top
Struggling to nail your elevator pitch? In this book I'm giving you everything you need to develop your killer signature pitch. I'm also giving you bonus examples, so you never run out of new angles to use to keep it fresh. Grab your FREE* copy NOW!!
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My Story Wizard Toolkit
 This FREE toolkit will fast-track you to story success. Not only will it help you find your stories, but you'll get actionable tips for powering them up with storytelling tricks and humour AND it gives you a simple yet powerful framework for sharing them with your audience in talks, webinars 121s, videos and FB Lives. 
How I went from straight laced HR Manager, (well I was trying to be), to helping people discover their stories and grow themselves and their business…

Coaching and Courses to Help You Connect with Your Audience, Make them Smile and Grow Your Business 

Ready to become a Sensational Speaker?Story Led Speaking Is My Flagship Program for Learning How to Consistently and Easily Create and Deliver Story and Humour Led Content That Will Sell and Serve! 

Got a Talk or Webinar Coming UP?
Work with me 1-2-1 to supercharge your confidence, content and performance, so that you are ready to rock that opportunity!

The Speaking Club Podcast
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Where to start?

In this show, I want to look at how you can make technical or abstract information more accessible and engaging, but even if you’re not a scientist, engineer, IT person, or technical guru, stay tuned because the tips I’m sharing will help any presentation pop.
First timers to seasoned pros, we all have some degree of anxiety around public speaking. Whether it’s a few butterflies or a herd of stampeding buffalo there are things you can do to help manage your thoughts and feelings… and I’m sharing my tips here.
If you are a speaker who worries that their talks don’t connect with the audience…if you wonder how you can make your message land with more impact…if you want to deliver a talk that changes lives… then listen, because this podcast is for you.
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