Nail Your Signature Talk 
in 60 Days (or less) 

The fast track to creating a powerful marketing asset 
that will attract audiences, inspire change 
and grow your following!

If you’re an expert, author, coach or entrepreneur that wants to make a difference, you will already know that to inspire change, to grow your audience and your income, you have to share your message and become someone who can influence the narrative, someone who is a ‘Thought Leader’. 

Unfortunately, there many who don’t even get started on the journey because they are held back by their own limiting beliefs about speaking, and those that do start to share, often miss out on these fundamental steps.

• They fail to bring unique perspectives to issues in their niche and so get lost in the crowd.

• They share information rather than creating high quality compelling content that grabs attention, shifts beliefs and sells their idea, product or service.

• They have no strategy for raising their visibility or getting out there to share their message powerfully in front of big audiences.

But that’s where a great signature talk and this programme comes in.

In the Nail Your Signature Talk in 60 Days programme I’m going to guide you through each of these steps to create a powerful marketing asset to achieve the results you want.

We’ll work together to make your message as concrete and relatable as possible so that it grabs attention and delivers ‘aha’ moments for your audience.

At the end of this programme you’ll leave with a talk that will keep your audience engaged, will sell your big idea, and you’re excited to share...

This programme is for you if:

 You know that you have a great idea, product or service, but you just can’t seem to get the messaging right to reach the people who you know it will help. 
 You want to have a talk that inspires and engages people, but you struggle to know where to start.
 You want to share your story in such a way that others can see what’s possible for them, and makes them want to work with you, but you can’t see a way to make it interesting or compelling.
 You want to become a thought leader, make an impact and grow your income AND you’re committed to taking action to make this possible.
 You want to have an asset that you can reuse, repurpose and leverage for many years to come.
What it is ...
The Nail Your Signature Talk Programme is about giving you the confidence, knowledge, practical tools and content to create a talk that brings your target customer into your world, and gently guides them to believe what you believe, so that making the decision to take the next step with you becomes inevitable.
What it's not
This programme is not a presentation course just about improving your speaking skills, yes it will do that too, but primarily this is about creating a piece of marketing content based on your stories, that shifts beliefs whether it’s presented as a talk, a webinar, a podcast episode or guest spot, or even a blog or email series.

It’s also not  passive – I won’t be doing the work for you, you absolutely need to take action every week to build your talk, but I will be with you every step of the way to support, coach and hold you accountable for the result that you want.
“Sarah has helped me greatly in pulling together my origin story into something 
that is cohesive and interesting for others to listen to. If you want to greatly improve your 
presentation and pitching skills, I highly recommend working with Sarah Archer.”
James Richmond, Sharp End Equity Partners Ltd.

In the Nail Your Signature Talk in 60 Days Programme you will:

 Learn how to use your experience and passion to curate your message so that you’re positioning yourself as an influencer by challenging the myths, assumptions and status quo of your audience.
 Develop your storytelling skills so that you can find and use stories in your business, without needing to be creative or a copywriter.
 Get a signature talk that not only engages and entertains but shares your story in a way that inspires people to take action.
 Get clear on your core offer, and learn what makes your audience tick, so that you can create messaging and a talk that leads people to want to take the next step with you.
 Get insight into the different stages people go through before they buy from you, and how you can proactively guide them through each stage using your signature talk.
 Discover how to grab attention, so that people want to listen to your story. 
Although I have been teaching the Story Led Speaking framework and content for some time, this is a brand-new programme designed specifically for those who want to get results super fast and walk away with a powerful signature talk in 60 days (or less).
“Over the last 30 years I have facilitated organisations to become ‘fit for purpose’ so that the focus of the top team is embedded throughout the business. Referrals have generated my assignments, but my usual contacts have now retired. Although I have always known the theory I have not invested in creating a new client network. This is what prompted me to seek help from Sarah. I am confident my desire to build a new client base will be realised with Sarah’s help.”
Dr Sherril Kennedy, Kennedy Business transformation solutions

Here are the BETA Live Group programme details:

 We start on October 22nd (I know your diary fills up quickly and I wanted to give you the time to plan this in so that you are focused and ready for action).

 Sessions will be live on zoom once a week, from 15:30 - 17:30 pm (GMT).

 The programme is 8 weeks, so that you're ready to kick butt in the New Year!

As this is a beta programme, I am heavily reducing the price, and it will be offered for only £697... but I can only take 8 people.

I am committed to getting you the result you want, but you will also need to be committed to taking action and supporting the group too.

If you want to join us and nail your signature talk then the first step is completing the application form, so that we can make sure that the group and the programme will be the right fit for you.

Applications close on Friday 15th October 2021.


Hey, I'm Sarah!

If we haven’t met yet, I’m Sarah Archer, Speaking and Marketing Coach, Writer, Performer and host of The Speaking Club Podcast, (which is now in 178 countries).

I’m blessed to have been part of the journey of a number of authors, experts and entrepreneurs who are now well on the way to becoming international thought leaders in their niche, including gut health, medical tattooing, the power of kindness, green space research and more.

I’m on a mission to show aspiring change makers how to develop the assets they need to become authentic thought leaders, so that they can have more impact, income and freedom doing what lights them up – without losing their personality!

Meet Verla - one of my Story Led Speaking Students 
and now a member of The Speaking Club 'Live'

Meet Katherine Brooke-Mackenzie - who overcame her fear of speaking after coaching with me.

Meet Jackie - who has been a member of The Speaking Club Live! For a few months now, and has just started to work with me to 'Nail Her Signature Talk in 60 Days (or less)'

Meet Anthony Taylor - who secured new clients and more speaking gigs after working 
with me in a 6 week 1-2-1 coaching program.

Apply to join the Live Group BETA Programme and discover the 
fast track to creating a powerful marketing asset that will attract audiences, 
inspire change and grow your following!
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